American-style industrial tactics from Canberra Casino deeply concerning

UnionsACT is deeply concerned that American-style industrial tactics are being imported by the Canberra Casino.

The recent action taken by the Canberra Casino against casino workers taking protected industrial action is from the US-style anti-worker playbooks.

Casino workers have been threatened by management and stood down for wanting to wear union t-shirts as part of lawful, protected industrial action. On Friday 24 June, Canberra Casino management served staff preparing to take protected industrial action with notices threatening various action, unless those staff ceased their protected action.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“UnionsACT is deeply concerned at the importation by Canberra Casino of highly divisive US-style industrial tactics.

“Unions in Canberra cannot support the Canberra Casino being granted a license to use poker-machines as part of an expanded development while they behave in this manner.

“Holding a license is a privilege granted by the community, who rightly expect that organisations act responsibly and in the community interest.

“The heavy-handed actions we see from the Casino management lead UnionsACT to believe they are not currently able to meet this license requirement.”

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