Insecure Work: How Does It Impact You?

Almost one third of Australian workers are in insecure work – casual, gig or informal employment. Insecure work negatively impacts workers’ ability to participate fully in our society and economy. 

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus says: “People in casual and insecure work were the first to lose their jobs when the pandemic hit. The fact that such a large portion of the workforce had no safety net was a huge liability for the economy and plunged millions into uncertainty and financial hardship. When workers have security and certainty, they are more confident to spend. This is what our community needs, not more uncertainty and cuts to pay.”

We know that insecure work negatively impacts the lives of millions of workers and now the Australian Senate is conducting an Inquiry into Job Security. The Inquiry will consider the impact of insecure or precarious employment on the economy, wages, social cohesion and workplace rights and conditions. 

The Inquiry needs to hear from you about your experiences with insecure work. How does not having job security impact you financially and personally now and into the future? What is the impact on your family and community life? What is the impact on your rights and safety at work? 

Use this form to tell us about your experiences so we can will include your voice as part of the UnionsACT submission to the Senate Inquiry into Job Security. We will de-identify your story to protect your privacy. 

Thank you for speaking up. Your story will be de-identified to protect your privacy.

Find out more about the Australian Senate Inquiry into Job Security:

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