UnionsACT welcomes appointment of Greg Jones as ACT Work Safety Commissioner

UnionsACT has today welcomed the appointment of Greg Jones as ACT Work Safety Commissioner.

Mr Jones replaces Mark McCabe as commissioner after Mr McCabe retired earlier this year. Mr Jones is well known to unions in the Canberra region, through his most recent role at Access Canberra as Director of Regulatory Compliance for the construction sector, and in his previous role as ACT Gambling and Racing Commissioner.

The ACT needs a strong, active and fearless Work Safety Commissioner to continue the important work started by Mark McCabe. Enforcement and compliance is crucial to building a health culture of workplace safety.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“Today we welcome Mr Jones’ appointment as new Work Safety Commissioner.

“Unions look forward to working with the new Commissioner to continue the important work of strengthening the ACT’s culture of workplace safety.

“There are over 3000 serious private-sector workplace injuries on average in the ACT each year.

“The Getting Home Safely report remains a major priority for unions. Canberra remains the most dangerous jurisdiction in Australia for construction workers.

“Unions are also focused on improvement the workplace safety for nurses and teachers, who are facing growing numbers of client and student related incidents in hospitals and schools.

“There is clearly a lot for Mr Jones to do to continue the work of compliance and enforcement, and unions are keen to work collaboratively with the Commissioner and employers to improve safety at work.”

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