Casual Employment Arrangements Can’t Strip Permanent Workers of Rights

Young Workers Centre welcomes court decision: casual employment arrangements can’t strip permanent workers of rights

The Young Workers Centre at UnionsACT welcomes yesterday’s landmark decision of the Federal Court in Workpac v Rossato to protect the rights of workers who are labelled as casuals purely to strip them of job security, rights and pay.

This decision is a huge win for young workers who are very likely to be paid as casual workers. More than 50% of respondents to UnionsACT’s annual survey of young workers in Canberra reporting that they are casually employed without rights to leave and job security.

The decision shines a spotlight on the unfairness of casualisation. Young workers who are paid as casuals but are in fact working as permanent employees have been denied their rights to leave and job security.

Young workers need more job security, this decision confirms their right to security and the entitlements that every worker should expect if they are working on a permanent basis.

Quotes attributable to Arian McVeigh, Young Workers Centre Manager:

“This is a huge win for all young workers who are suffering because of systemic casualisation. It clearly demonstrates the need to reduce workplace insecurity.”

“Young workers are hugely impacted by the increasing and out of control casualisation of the workforce. Casual work is insecure work and leaves young workers without rights and protections.”

“Casualisation has become the common experience for young workers with more than 50% of young workers in Canberra working in casual jobs.”

“We need to stop the practice of employers labelling jobs as “casual” when they are really permanent. For too long, this has stripped young workers of rights and security.”

“Employers must stop using casual employment as a way to strip young workers of their rights. We’ve seen the impact this has had on young people who, on top of ongoing rampant wage theft, are now feeling the harsh reality of having no job protections during the pandemic.”

“We congratulate the workers and their union, the CFMMEU on standing together and fighting for this win for casual workers.”

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