How COVID-19 is impacting investment markets and your super

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As the COVID-19 virus spreads across the world and puts more people’s health at risk, governments are placing greater restrictions on movement between and within countries. This is having a large and immediate impact on people’s jobs, industries and economies worldwide, and in some cases shutting down entire business sectors except the most essential of services. 

Investors are trying to evaluate the impact of these multiple signals – with the release of daily virus updates, new economic data and policy announcements all contributing to the large positive and negative swings we are seeing in sharemarkets.

In the meantime AustralianSuper is taking steps to minimise the impact of adverse market movements on your retirement savings, and position your super for long-term growth.

It’s natural to feel like you should be doing something when markets are falling, and you see your balance fall. Responding to the huge swings in market sentiment during highly volatile periods could be a very high risk strategy.

As much as possible, we encourage you to take a long-term view of your super and if you have any concerns, it’s important to seek advice.  You can visit our website for the advice options available to members.

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