UnionsACT to support LGBTQIA+ workers through Pride Leadership Internships

UnionsACT is pleased to be the recipient of a Capital of Equality grant from the ACT Government, announced yesterday.

Thanks to this grant, UnionsACT will provide paid internships for early career LGBTQIA+ workers in 2019 to develop leadership skills and improve awareness of rights at work for queer workers.

UnionsACT and the Canberra union movement has a proud history of supporting LGBTQIA+ workers, and was a major campaigner in support of marriage equality in 2017. During the plebiscite, UnionsACT provided a free support service for LGBTQIA+ workers who experienced harassment or discrimination as a result of the campaign.

Young LGBTQIA+ workers are particularly vulnerable to exploitation, harassment and discrimination in the workplace. UnionsACT research shows that young LGBTIQ workers are more likely to be employed on an insecure basis, and more likely to experience bullying, harassment or violence, compared to straight or cisgender workers.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“UnionsACT is delighted to partner with the ACT Government as part of the Capital of Equality program, to deliver our Paid Pride Leadership Internship program.

“Empowering young queer workers is essential to stopping discrimination and harassment at work.

“Participants in our program will work with unions and across industries to tackle exploitation and improve awareness of workplace rights for all LGBTIQ workers.”

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