UnionsACT to launch Women In Trades program

UnionsACT will launch its Women In Trades program this Thursday night. The UnionsACT Women In Trades program aims to address the ongoing need for workplace information for young women in male-dominated industries who are considering, starting or undertaking an apprenticeship.

Lack of gender diversity in male-dominated industries, such as the construction, automotive and electrical industries, contributes to negative outcomes for safety culture, conflict and lower economic performance.

Barriers to increasing participation for women in these industries includes poor career pathways, insecure employment, discrimination and prevalence of sexual harassment, high risks of workplace injuries, a high gender wage-gap and lack of flexibility for caring responsibilities. 

Launch details

Time: 6pm

Date: 27 June 2019

Place: The Dickson Tradies

Details: www.youngworkerscbr.org.au/womenintrades/

The UnionsACT Women In Trades program aims to address the low female participation in traditionally male-dominated industries by:

  • Providing women working in trades and undertaking apprenticeships with advice and information about their rights, as well as referrals to assistance with workplace issues.
  • Advocating for participation of women in trades, and for the practical changes needed – from access to toilets to pay equity, from appropriate uniforms to respect at work

The program is part-funded by the ACT Government through Skills Canberra, and supported by unions including the CFMEU, AEU and others.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“Young women considering an apprenticeship in a male-dominated industry face significant challenges, including low pay, health and safety hazards and insecure jobs.

“That’s why UnionsACT has partnered with Skills Canberra, the CFMEU and AEU to develop our Women In Trades program to provide essential information to young women considering a trade apprenticeship.

“By empowering women to know their rights, we can take action on discrimination and improve the numbers of women in male-dominated industries.”

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