UnionsACT Launches Major Pro-Jobs Campaign

UnionsACT will today launch a major awareness campaign in support of the jobs created by light rail.

Light rail will be a major source of new, secure and local jobs, with over 3,500 jobs created during construction and thousands more in the years following due to the economic stimulus effect.

The UnionsACT campaign involves major investment in advertising throughout Canberra to raise awareness of the importance of job creation from light rail. The first phase of the campaign includes:

  • Four buses, wrapped with pro-jobs message;
  • Advertising in shopping centres across the ACT;
  • Targeted printed material distributed throughout Canberra;
  • Major digital and social media presence, including canberraneedsjobs.org.au website;
  • Promotional material distributed in workplaces

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“This will be the largest ever public awareness campaign ever run by UnionsACT. We will announce additional elements to the campaign in late July.

“Canberra needs the 3,500 jobs that light rail will create.

“The first and most important responsibility of a government is to ensure that there are enough jobs.

“Every region of Canberra will benefit from the secure jobs created by light rail, from Tuggeranong and Woden, to Belconnon.

“The jobs that will be created by light rail are both from the direct construction work, and the economic stimulus caused as a result of development along the corridor.

“The ACT especially needs a major jobs stimulus at this time, after more than 7,000 jobs were wrecked by the Abbott government.

“Beyond the essential short-term boost to jobs that light rail will create, the long term economic benefits of the project will be substantial.

“There has been a lot of misinformation about light rail, and our awareness campaign simply puts the facts out there for Canberrans to make up their own mind.

“What is clear is that Canberra needs jobs, and UnionsACT is committed to advocating for the 3,500 jobs created by light rail.”

About UnionsACT

UnionsACT is the peak council representing over 33,000 working people in the Canberra region. Established in 1931, UnionsACT runs campaigns to defend workplace rights and living standards. UnionsACT is the independent voice for working people and is not affiliated with any political party.

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