How much more than you does the average CEO get paid?

It would take the average Canberran 104 years to earn what a CEO gets paid in a single year.

Australia’s top chief executives are paid an average of $5.2 million — or 103 times more than the average Canberran.

In Canberra, it would take the average worker 59 years to earn what an average 100 top corporate CEO gets paid in a single year.

Not only are corporate CEOs pay exorbitantly more than average Australian workers, their salaries have grown faster and higher than the workers they employ. While the average wage increase was just 2.3% in 2017 according to the Wage Price Index, CEO pay rises were 3.5% — more than fifty percent higher.

UnionsACT has created a calculator, so you can compare your income to the average CEO.


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