Call to Action: February 2019

The next few months will be critical for the union movement and our Change the Rules campaign. We need to ramp up our momentum, expose the lies of trickle-down economics, and ensure we’re in a strong position to stop any regressive legislation in the Parliament.

Our next two major priorities are:

  1. Continuing to campaign to Change the Rules and highlight why Australia Needs a Pay Rise, especially in the marginal seat of Gilmore and across the ACT.
  2. Target anti-worker Liberal senator Zed with our Dump Zed campaign.

Put it in your diary

Change the Rules

Dump Zed

If you want to volunteer in another way, let us know here.

Pledge to Put the Liberals Last

We’re also starting our election pledge program. In the 2016 election, this was one of our most effective campaign programs. This year’s election is critical, and we want our supporters to pledge to put the Liberals last so we can restore fairness and tackle excessive corporate power.

No matter who you give your first preference to, we need to make sure this anti-worker Liberal Government is thrown out!

>> Take the pledge here

More resources = more power

The Liberal Party are storming ahead with their corporate donations. Media reports reveal that they raising millions in corporate and billionaire donations.

We don’t have corporate donors or buckets of money from billionaire mining executives—but we do have people-power. Our fundraising campaign has raised over $5000 in small donations (an average of $44 per donor) in the past few months to help us to Change the Rules in Canberra. Can you help us reach our goal?

>> Make a donation here

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