Workers to protest tomorrow to change the rules

More than a thousand union members and supporters are expected tomorrow at Garema Place to protest against inequality and excessive corporate power, as part of the national union movement’s Change the Rules campaign.

The protest is will call on all political parties to change workplace laws, to ensure working people can freely negotiate secure jobs and decent pay. Canberran workers will join workers from across Australia, building on momentum from mass protests in 2017 and 2018.

The protest will take place at Garema Place from 12pm to 1pm.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“Tomorrow, working people will demand two things: secure jobs and decent wages for all.

“We have seen in Canberra and around Australia more and more corporate scandals, tax avoidance and wage theft. Big business has too much power and they’re misusing it, and the community is worse off as a result.

“Tomorrow’s protest will see workers from every industry and part of Canberra, as well as from interstate, including construction workers, public servants, firefighters, teachers, nurses, cleaners, academics, waiters and clerks.

“We need to change the rules, and if the Liberal government won’t listen to working people, we will change the government at the election in May.”

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