UnionsACT welcomes first stimulus package

UnionsACT has welcomed the ACT Government’s first stimulus package, and calls on employers to use the stimulus to protect jobs.

The stimulus focuses on practical measures that reduce costs for small and medium businesses, as well as provide some support to concession-card holders and rate payers. The package also provides specific support to the construction and community sectors – both sectors are major employers in the ACT.

Employers must now do the right thing and use the support provided by the ACT Government to continue to employ Canberran workers.

UnionsACT has been contacted by 100s of workers since the start of the week, with concerns raised about job security and job losses, having enough income to pay rent and essential bills, worries about work health and safety risks for front-line workers, and fears of homelessness and evictions.

The ACT Government’s stimulus package demonstrates that the Government understands the seriousness of the crisis, and is taking important steps that support workers and disadvantaged members of the community.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“Job security and income security are the top priorities for Canberra’s workers, according to record feedback to UnionsACT from 100s of workers over the past few days.

“It is now up to business executives and employers to do the right thing and protect jobs, rather than hoard cash at the expense of job security for their employees.

“Unions welcome the ACT Government’s first stimulus, and we acknowledge that as this crisis unfolds, additional stimulus packages will be announced.”

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