UnionsACT welcomes announcement of ACT rehabilitation, return to work and retraining program

UnionsACT has today welcomed the announcement by ACT chief minister Andrew Barr and industrial relations and workplace safety minister Mick Gentleman of a Return to work and Retraining Program for ACT public servants.

The newly announced program will assist all ACT public servants, including nurses, teachers and fire-fighters who suffer a physical or psychological injury while at work to access specialised and high-quality rehabilitation support. Additionally, there will be additional resources to ensure that recovering workers can return to work and undertake meaningful work.

Workplace safety is core business for Canberra’s unions, and the most recent injury numbers show that approximately 400 ACT public sector workers were seriously injured at work.

Evidence shows that rehabilitation and recovery for injured workers is greatly assisted and hastened when there are pathways for workers to return to work in a meaningful role. This program will ensure there are structured and meaningful return to work pathways, including retraining.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, secretary of UnionsACT:

“Today’s announcement is a welcome demonstration the ACT government and Labor have to ensuring injured public sector workers are treated with dignity and supported back to work.

“This program will provide targeted support for injured public sector workers and their families when they need it most. It shows this government is genuinely committed to improving the health and safety of its own workforce.

“This program will ensure the ACT government increases its experience in assisting and supporting injured public sector workers.”

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