UnionsACT welcomes amendments to Human Rights Act enshrining right to join unions

UnionsACT has today welcomed the introduction of amendments to the ACT Human Rights Act to recognise the right of workers to join their union.

The amendment was tabled by Labor backbencher Bec Cody; it would include a protection in the Act of the right of workers to join and be active in their union.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, secretary of UnionsACT:

“Unions in Canberra are supportive of enshrining the right of workers to join and actively participate in their union in the ACT Human Rights Act.

“The right to join your union is a core part of the international human rights framework. Unions were critical of the decision to exclude this right from the ACT Human Rights Act when it was first established.

“UnionsACT will contribute to the consultation over the next few months.

“Meanwhile, the Federal Liberal Government continues to try to pass draconian union-busting laws that have been criticised internationally for being extreme and undemocratic.”

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