UnionsACT welcomes ACT Govt’s announcement on Easter Sunday public holiday

UnionsACT today welcomed the announcement by Andrew Barr on Saturday 22 August 2015 that the ACT Government would make Easter Sunday a classified public holiday.

Currently, only Good Friday and Easter Monday are classified as public holidays during the Easter period.

This announcement will assist those people who work on Easter Sunday by ensuring they receive appropriate public holiday pay.

The following statements are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“This is a great announcement from the ACT Government, and acknowledges the fact that people working over Easter should be fairly paid for being away from their families and friends.

“It has always been out of step that Easter Sunday has not been classified as a public holiday while Good Friday and Easter Monday have been.

“UnionsACT also welcomes the Chief Minister’s commitment to protecting penalty rates.

“It is disappointing that the ACT Liberal leader has decided to oppose this announcement and attack working people.

“The question for Mr. Hanson is whether he will give unconditional support for penalty rates, or whether he will fall in behind the extreme push by the Federal Liberal party and Tony Abbott to cut workers’ pay.”

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