UnionsACT supports the student climate strike

UnionsACT has congratulated students attending tomorrow’s student climate strike and endorsed the action.

As the independent voice for working people in the Canberra region, UnionsACT supports urgent action on climate change, including the rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy guided by Just Transition principles.

UnionsACT joins other unions and civil society organisations in supporting and endorsing the actions of students who are striking to make the Federal government take climate change seriously.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, secretary of UnionsACT:

“Unions in Canberra support the student climate strike and congratulate them for taking action to send the message that climate change is the greatest threat to future generations.

“Tackling climate change and ensuring a Just Transition is core union business. There are no jobs on a dead planet.

“Tomorrow’s student strike comes as Australia faces extreme weather, floods, fires and worse. It’s clear that the effects of dangerous climate change are already impacting Australia.”

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