UnionsACT Submission to ACT Zero Net Emissions Discussion Paper

UnionsACT supports the ACT Government’s ambition to become a zero carbon Territory. The union movement in Canberra and nationally has played a vital role in protecting Australia’s environment and advocating for rapid climate action in the past and we will continue to fight for the sustainability of our environment to protect our economy, societies and communities.

UnionsACT accepts that the cost of not reducing emissions is far higher than that of taking action. Decisive action to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, expand renewable energy capacity, and rapidly develop low carbon technologies while creating jobs is essential for continuing sustained economic growth in Australia and in the ACT.

To effectively combat climate change and move towards a low carbon economy, we cannot rely solely on private markets. There must be a strong role for the public sector in driving the energy transition, including public ownership of infrastructure and power generation. In fact, climate change is itself a catastrophic market failure. The transition to a zero carbon future in the ACT should not hand increased profits or more market power to large corporations that are interested principally in profits over people.

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