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A newsletter for people who care about Australia and the world, SundayFocus is a weekly wrap of national affairs, society, culture and politics. Landing in your inbox every Sunday morning, SundayFocus will highlight essential news and analysis for anyone who wants to deeply engage with the debates that affect the nation. 

Australia's increasingly concentrated media is dominated by conservative voices that drown out sensible, progressive outlets. SundayFocus will help amplify those independent publishers, to help you make sense of what's happening here and around the world. 
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About the Editor

Guy Mosel has worked in journalism and publishing for over 15 years in a career spanning daily news reporting, feature writing and magazine editing. Based in Brisbane with his journalist wife and cat, Guy has  bylines in The Sydney Morning Herald, Crikey, The Courier-Mail, Rolling Stone and others. Deeply engaged with national affairs and social issues, he brings insightful analysis and original perspectives to SundayFocus.

What our subscribers are saying

Finally! A newsletter worth subscribing to. Can't wait for more to arrive in my inbox. Thanks for launching this!
It's a good antidote to the rubbish we get served up by the Murdoch press and the media that blindly regurgitates their line. 
There's a great mix of articles, explainers and interesting links. I'd never have heard about most of the news and analysis that was in the first issue, and it's something that I've been able to go back to during the week and re-read.
Thanks so much for starting up this newsletter! I'm a long-time union member and have been looking for something like this to help make sense of the news. I've also convinced a few of my colleagues to subscribe and they love it too!
Why wasn't this done before? Really great idea, and it's so important that we get an explainer of news and national events without a conservative filter.
This has been great -- really enjoyed the first few issues and have recommended to my friends that they also sign up.
Keep it coming! Great first issue and I hope the next few are as interesting.

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✉ sundayfocus@unionsact.org.au

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We're concerned about concentration of the Australian media, which is dominated by a handful of corporations pushing a biased, conservative agenda. 

These publishers wield disproportionate influence over the rest of the media and control the tone and content of the national debate.



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