Rally on Tuesday to oppose Turnbull Government’s War on Workers

Workers will rally tomorrow, Tuesday 20 June, in Canberra to oppose the Turnbull Government’s War on Workers.

Millions of working people across Australia, and tens of thousands in Canberra, have been directly impacted by the Federal Liberal Government’s hostile, anti-worker agenda.

These include:

  • Hostile public service bargaining policy that has frozen wages and cut conditions for tens of thousands of public servants;
  • Re-introduction of Building Commission that treats construction workers worse than drug-dealers and terrorists;
  • Betrayal of teachers, parents and children by reneging on Gonski needs-based education funding;
  • Failure to protect Sunday penalty rates for thousands of minimum wage workers in Canberra; and
  • Defunding public and social services, undermining superannuation, slashing funding for universities, and much more.

Event details

Place: 148 Bunda St, Civic

Date: Tuesday 20 June 2017

Time: 12pm, sharp

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, secretary of UnionsACT:

“The Turnbull Government has turned its back on workers again and again.

“The Liberals are pulling apart services that working people need; treating people who work in the public sector with disdain, defunding community services, refusing to properly fund health and aged care, schools, universities and TAFEs and are systematically attacking the rights of workers in the construction sector.

“The list goes on and on.

“Unions will continue to stand against these attacks on working people, and we will fight all the way to the next election, whenever that may be.”

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