Have you received a robo-call from UnionsACT?

From time to time, UnionsACT conducts robo-calls.

Robo-calls are automated telephone calls which deliver a pre-recorded message.

We do not use robo-calls lightly, and we understand that for a small number of people, they can be inconvenient.

How did we get your phone number?

UnionsACT will generally engage a vendor to conduct the robo-calls on our behalf. We do not directly manage or handle phone numbers. Calls made via a system that automatically generates phone numbers via an auto-dialer, and send calls to a local telephone exchange.

At no time does UnionsACT receive your phone number.

If you are a union member, your phone number has not been provided to UnionsACT by your union.

How can I be removed from your call-list?

Because UnionsACT uses a third-party vendor to deliver our robo-calls, we cannot process requests you may have to not be contacted or for your phone number to removed from a call-list.

You can add your number to the Do Not Call register here.

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