New Canberra Hospital expansion plans will deliver better health care, extra nurses and more jobs

UnionsACT has welcomed today’s announcement by ACT Labor to build an entirely new surgical and emergency centre at the Canberra Hospital, which will see extra nurses, better health care and more jobs.

At this election, unions in Canberra are campaigning for accessible, universal healthcare, which is essential to tackle inequality.

The Federal Liberal Government, cheered on by Jeremy Hanson and the Canberra Liberals, have spent the last three years attempting to wreck Australia’s universal health care system, including ripping $600 million from Canberra’s health funding.

Canberrans need a government that is committed to affordable, universal health care, and supporting secure employment for our highly trained nurses and other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, medical officers, technicians and cleaners.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, secretary of UnionsACT:

“UnionsACT welcomes today’s announcement, which will see hundreds of new nursing and other healthcare professional jobs created, not to mention new construction and service jobs.

“Working people in Canberra want a government genuinely committed to universal health care.

“Sadly, the Canberra Liberals support the Federal government’s betrayal of Medicare and $600 million in heath cuts, and cannot be trusted to keep their health promises.”

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