Mr Fluffy revelations requires immediate inquiry and criminal investigation

Startling revelations of asbestos-tainted material being removed from Mr. Fluffy properties demands immediate action and investigation, said UnionsACT today.

UnionsACT, in conjunction with the CFMEU, is calling for the ACT Government to take action to:

  1. Immediately suspend all demolition work associated with Mr. Fluffy properties.
  2. Temporarily suspend all asbestos licenses for contractors involved with Mr. Fluffy demolitions.
  3. Conduct an urgent inquiry into the allegations to determine what has gone wrong.
  4. Initiate a criminal investigation into the contractors implicated in alleged looting, including the possibility of charges of reckless endangerment.

It appears that material, including household possessions and whitegoods, have been removed from Mr. Fluffy properties without proper risk assessments or approval from the regulator. The Taskforce’s policy makes clear that no material from a Mr. Fluffy property is to be reused.

Unions in Canberra take these revelations with grave seriousness. It appears that there has been a betrayal of trust by the principle contractors involved, not only for the families involved, but for the workers potentially exposed and for the community generally.

Worksafe ACT must immediately suspend all Mr. Fluffy demolition work and contracts. The regulator must urgently determine the proper location of all material removed from Mr. Fluffy properties. During the halt of demolition works, all asbestos licenses should be temporarily suspended.

An inquiry is required to urgently determine where the process has broken down, including inquiring into what actions have been taken by ACT Property Group and the Asbestos Taskforce itself.

The Government should also initiate a criminal investigation into the allegations of looting of Mr. Fluffy properties. There is also potential that this conduct amounts of reckless endangerment.

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“If asbestos tainted items have been looted from Mr. Fluffy houses, this would be a serious betrayal of trust by the contractors involved.

“The Government and Worksafe ACT must take urgent action to halt demolitions, suspend licenses and conduct an inquiry into how this has happened. We are also calling on the Government in initiate a criminal investigation into the companies involved.

“It is appalling to think that the contractors involved not only thought they could get away with looting Mr. Fluffy houses, but that they were prepared to put the community at grave risk of exposure to asbestos.”

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