May day:

Stand up, stamp out attacks on workers solidarity

This May Day we want to stamp out attacks on workers rights during Covid-19 and stand up in solidarity! Join us by imprinting your footsteps with paint on an A3 or A4 sized paper and slogans of solidarity #NoWorkerLeftBehind so we can display them all in a show of solidarity from isolation. 

About our may day celebration

This May Day, unionists from across the ACT will be stamping footprints on pieces of A3 and A4 paper with messages about what May Day means to them and what they continue to fight for. We will be stringing these footprints up to show that even in times of isolation and separation, we continue to stand together in solidarity. We plan on displaying these footprints and messages publicly soon.

We’re aiming to get at least 1000 footprints painted. We need as many people to join us as possible and to share photos to their social media of the footprints.


How you can help

Making footprints

If you want to help us create some of the footprints all you'll need is some A3 or A4 paper and paint - the rest is up to you! Don't forget to put a little message on the paper about why you're celebrating May Day. Either drop them off at the UnionsACT office or email us for collection.

Taking Photos

We'll be sharing photos of footprints, people making them and selfies with the hashtag #NoWorkerLeftBehind. Make sure to take some yourself and send them in to the UnionsACT email (

Social media

You can also share photos of May Day yourself! We're encouraging everyone to share with their friends photos of how their celebrating May Day this year. Don't forget to tag UnionsACT in any posts and use the hashtag #NoWorkerLeftBehind!

May Day Footprints 2020

Check out some of the footprints, messages and amazing Unionists who made them!
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