Canberra’s unions join with community groups to bust the federal budget

Kim SattlerKim Sattler, UnionsACT Secretary

Canberra’s unions are joining with community groups to protest the Coalition’s grossly unfair Federal Budget. On Sunday 6th July, Canberra citizens will rally together at midday on the lawns outside Parliament House. The rally gives all Canberrans the opportunity to demand an end to this budget and advocate for a Government which gives Australians a fair go.

UnionsACT Secretary, Kim Sattler, is outraged at the budget’s impact on the Canberra community. “If Tony Abbott’s budget is rammed through the Senate, he will cut our jobs, slash our services and hurt our most vulnerable. If this budget passes, you, your family or your friends may be forced to leave our Canberra community, because these indiscriminate cuts will leave our economy in tatters.” 

Canberra’s unions have joined with faith and charity groups to express their anger at the budget. Dr John Falzon, St Vincent de Paul’s CEO, stated, “This budget has deeply offended the majority of Australians. It increases the level of inequality, and humiliates people who battle to make ends meet. People don’t want charity; they want justice. We must stand together and fight for a fair budget.”

The budget cuts overwhelmingly aim to cut the living standard, health and education of low income earners. ANU student and diabetic, Connor Drum, has been switched from Youth Allowance to Newstart. As of 1 January 2014, Conner will not have an income to support his studies. “The hardest part will be paying for medicine. On Newstart, I can get my insulin for $8. Without it, I’ll have to pay over $80.”

“Abbott’s single, brutal budget will leave members of our community isolated and it will thrust them into poverty for decades. We must stop this,” Ms Sattler said.

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