Ban Evictions

The Canberra union movement is calling for a complete ban on evictions during the coronavirus crisis.

No-one should face homelessness, at any time, let alone during this crisis.

Join our campaign by sending an email to ACT Attorney General Gordon Ramsay & Chief Minister Andrew Barr (with an option to also send a copy to the Canberra Times Letters Editor).

Send an email to the ACT Govt.

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Information about evictions

UnionsACT supports the petition organised by Tenants’ Unions. Read the “No Evictions” statement here (pdf)

The ACT Government can change the Residential Tenancies Act to ban evictions.

Banning evictions will:

  • Ensure renters can comply with any self-isolation requirements due to coronavirus
  • Ensure people who lose income due to the crisis, especially casual and contract workers, don’t become homeless

Many banks and mortgage lenders have indicated they will provide temporary payment suspensions or other support for landlords.

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