ACT Still Least Safe Jurisdiction for Construction Workers

Media Release

Safe Work Australia data shows that construction sites in the ACT are the least safe of any jurisdiction in Australia, UnionsACT said today.

The SWA report, from May 2015, states that:

In 2012–13p the Australian Capital Territory recorded the highest incidence rate of serious claims with 29.0 claims per 1000 workers while Victoria had the lowest with 12.9.

Safety at work is the absolutely priority for unions in the ACT.

The 2013 ACT Getting Home Safely report highlights that the attitude from construction industry employers, contractors and sub-contractors disregarding safety must end.

The following statement is attributable to Alex White, secretary of UnionsACT:

“The Safe Work Australia report shows that safety for construction workers is still an issue of major importance for Canberra.

“Unions in Canberra absolutely support the CFMEU and their strong line on ensuring workplace safety. We will never ever back down on safety at work.

“We are disappointed that organisations like the Master Builders Association are running a partisan political strategy through the media about swearing on construction sites.

“The Master Builders Association would better serve the community by ensuring their members stop injuring and killing workers on construction sites.”

The Safe Work Australia report is available here.

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