ACT Government Climate Strategy Misses “Just Transition”

UnionsACT is disappointed that the ACT Government’s newly released Climate Strategy has not integrated any Just Transition principles.

The short “Just Transition” section in the new Climate Strategy does not detail any actual Just Transition principles, and appears to be merely a box-ticking exercise.

A Just Transition approach to climate policy should include the following elements:

  1. Equitable sharing of responsibilities and fair distribution of the costs across society;
  2. Institutionalised formal consultations with relevant stakeholders including trade unions, employers and communities, at national, regional and sectoral levels;
  3. The promotion of clean job opportunities and the greening of existing jobs and industries through public and private investment in low carbon development strategies and technologies in all nations;
  4. Formal education, training, retraining, and life-long learning for working people, their families, and their communities;
  5. Organised economic and employment diversification policies within sectors and communities at risk;
  6. Social protection measures (active labour market policies, access to health services, social insurances, among others); and
  7. Respect for, and protection, of human and labour rights.

To-date, the ACT Government has not developed or adopted a Just Transition strategy. UnionsACT is concerned of the risk that a transition to a zero carbon economy will be ad-hoc, and not effectively transition affected workers into new and secure employment.

UnionsACT’s submission to the ACT Government is here:

The following quotes are attributable to Alex White, Secretary of UnionsACT:

“UnionsACT is disappointed that the Climate Strategy released today continues with an approach that does not include a Just Transition for working people.

“The strategy includes a short section in the strategy entitled “just transition”, which unfortunately is just window-dressing.

“This Friday, thousands of young people and workers will be rallying for climate action that includes a Just Transition.

“Sadly, the ACT Government’s approach to the climate crisis continues to lock out unions and workers from having a say on the future of their work.”

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