Ethical Sponsorship Policy

UnionsACT is committed to working with external organisations to achieve shared objectives. It is vital that UnionsACT adheres to its organisational values of unionism, independence and respect.

Commitment to address ethical issues

  • UnionsACT is committed to only entering into partnerships or other financial agreements with organisations that align with our organisational values.
  • UnionsACT may enter into partnerships or sponsorship arrangements with external organisations that directly share our organisational aims and values.
  • Generally, external organisations that partner with or sponsor UnionsACT should be able to demonstrate their shared values or shared aims.
  • Partnerships may include provision of in-kind support.

Avoidance Criteria

  • UnionsACT will generally avoid partnerships or sponsorships from external organisations involved in any of the following:
    • Labour rights violations
    • Tobacco manufacture or sale
    • Uranium mining or nuclear energy generation systems
    • Predatory lending practices
    • Weapons manufacturing or sale
    • The production or distribution of pornography
    • Wide-scale environmental pollution
    • Making substantial donations to the Liberal Party or National Party
    • Support for regimes that violate human rights.
  • Where practicable, UnionsACT will seek to examine the supply chains, subsidiaries or major subcontractors of potential partners or sponsors.
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