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Singing has always played a strong part in the Union Movement the world over. Many songs and catch phrases from songs originally written or adapted for the union movement in the early days of this century have become part of the language viz.

In Australia, early "bush songs" reflecting the lives of the shearers, drovers, rabbiters, miners, seamen and convicts (though not often of the women who worked equally as hard in the early days of the colony). When the union movement was developing, many existing songs were taken up, and new ones composed. particularly in more recent years. People's choirs were formed in industrial cities early in the century until the advent of World War II.

Since the Canberra Union Voices began, we have been regular performers at folk festivals, folk clubs, rallies, pickets, meetings, fairs, special concerts and celebrations.

The choir always welcomes ew members and always seem to be on the lookout for tenors. The choir meets Thursday nights at the UnionsACT Training Rooms. For more information, visit the Choir website

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